RWG Avocado Ranch is located 150 miles south of Monterey, California in Arroyo Grande; a rich fertile valley long known for it's production of high quality produce.

In 2002, approximately 325 avocado trees were planted in the 3.5 acre tract of land that makes up the Ranch. The trees produced their first crop in July 2008.

RWG Ranch is owned and operated by the Robinson family. They take great pride in what they produce, and look forward to many successful harvest seasons.

A ripe avocado is relatively firm, but will yield to gentle pressure when held in the palm of the hand and squeezed. Learn More>>>

RWG Ranch supplies fine, hand picked avocados to several markets and restaurants on the Monterey Penninsula and surrounding areas..

You too can enjoy high quality, sun kissed avocados, shipped directly from the ranch. Please contact us for details and more information.

Be sure to visit KR Construction, an environmentally conscious builder who chooses to make a difference.

Avocado Ranch for Sale!
680 Meadow Oak Drive, Arroyo Grande View link of contact Sheelagh Thomas
Central Coast Realty Group
805.440.5115 for more details

World's Most Perfect Food
Avocados offer numerous health benefits, many consider them to be one of the world's most perfect foods.
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Avocado Recipes
Classic guacamole is made with avocados, lime juice, and salt, it's made even better with extras like garlic, chiles, tomatoes, onions, cumin, and cilantro.
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Avocado Farming
Avocado farming is a labor intensive activity; trees must be watered daily and fertilized on a regular basis.
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The History of Arroyo Grande
The history of the Arroyo Grande Valley vegetable farmers and their descendants is a compelling story.

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